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What is  BNI?

BNI is a business networking organisation that helps business professionals connect and grow their businesses by meeting regularly with other like-minded professionals, sharing ideas, contacts and expanding their network to create greater opportunities and referrals.


The philosophy behind BNI is "Giver's Gain", wherein, the more you help your fellow members, the more they will help you. This philosophy is applied to BNI through a support network of giving and receiving referrals for the benefit of both businesses. Through the BNI network members are able to build strategic business relationships and generate better business opportunities through mutually aligned business professionals advocating on each other's behalf.

In addition to this, each BNI chapter limits membership to only one person from each business specialty, allowing members to have a competitive edge over their competition and receive the full benefits of being a part of the BNI community. 

With over $14.2 billion of referred business passed through the global network in the last 12 months, businesses across the world have made their BNI membership an integral part of their marketing and business strategies.

So if you are looking to connect with people who want to help you succeed, then get in touch with us at Surfside so we can help promote your business, connect you with our contacts, create more targeted opportunities and generate greater profit for your business.

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